a GNU Common C++ framework for embedded scripting

The GNU ccScript package offers a class extensible threaded embedded
scripting engine for use with GNU Common C++. This engine is also used
in GNU Bayonne (the GNU telephony application server package) and other
parts of GNUCOMM (the GNU telephony meta-project). This engine differs
from traditional scripting systems in that it is used to script near
real-time state-event systems through deterministic callback step
execution rather than the linear and non-deterministic fashion of
embedded script systems such as tcl, libguile, etc.

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ccscript3-1.0.9.tar.bz2 0000297974 291 KB about 14 years
ccscript3-gcc43.diff 0000001977 1.93 KB about 13 years
ccscript3-libtool.diff 0000000262 262 Bytes almost 13 years
ccscript3.changes 0000001077 1.05 KB over 12 years
ccscript3.spec 0000003591 3.51 KB over 11 years
unixODBC.diff 0000000461 461 Bytes about 14 years
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