GNOME Wave Cleaner--Audio Restoration Application

GNOME Wave Cleaner (GWC) is a tool for cleaning up noisy audio files in
preparation for burning to CDs. The typical application is to record
the audio from vinyl LPs, 45s, 78s, etc, to a hard disk as a 16-bit,
stereo, 44.1khz wave formatted file then use GWC to apply denoising and
declicking algorithms.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
gwc-0.21-10.tar.bz2 0000661978 646 KB over 11 years
gwc-cflags-fix.dif 0000000680 680 Bytes about 14 years
gwc-compile-fix.diff 0000001847 1.8 KB over 10 years
gwc-meschach-fix.dif 0000004228 4.13 KB about 14 years
gwc.changes 0000003949 3.86 KB over 10 years
gwc.desktop 0000000113 113 Bytes about 14 years
gwc.png 0000004321 4.22 KB about 14 years
gwc.spec 0000002551 2.49 KB over 10 years
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