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Horde IMP Web-Based Mail Client

A set of PHP scripts that implement an IMAP-based Web mail system.
Assuming you have an account on a server that supports IMAP, you can
theoretically use an installation of IMP to check your mail from
anywhere you have Web access.

IMP does not require an IMAP server to be running on the machine you
install it on unless you are intending to have it use the current
machine for its IMAP connections. If you are connecting to a local
server for your mail, you do not need IMAP.

IMP requires a database to be running if you want to use the extended
features, such as the address book and prefs. It currently supports
PostgreSQL, MySql, Oracle, Informix, and Sybase.

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imp-h3-4.3.8-usr_local.patch 0000001340 1.31 KB almost 11 years
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