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Open Ticket Request System

OTRS is an open source ticket request system with many features to
manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. It is distributed under
the GNU General Public License (GPL) and tested on Linux, Solaris, AIX,
FreeBSD, and Mac OS 10.x. If you receive many e-mails and want to
answer them with a team of agents, OTRS is a tool that can help.

Feature list:

Web interface:

* Agent Web interface for viewing and working on all customer

* Admin Web interface for changing system settings

* Customer Web interface for viewing and sending information to the

* Web interface with themes support

* Multilanguage support (Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,
German, and Spanish)

* Independent customization of the output template's (dtl) release

* Web interface with attachment support

* Easy and logical use

E-Mail Interface:

* MIME support (attachments)

* PGP support

* SMIME support

* Dispatch of incoming e-mail via e-mail address or x-header

* Autoresponders for customers by incoming e-mail (per queue)

* E-mail notification to the agent by new tickets, follow-ups, or
lock time-outs


* Custom queue view and queue view of all requests

* Ticket locking

* Ticket replies (standard responses)

* Ticket autoresponders per queue

* Ticket history, evolution of ticket status, and actions taken on

* Ability to add notes (with different note types) to a ticket

* Ticket zoom feature

* Tickets can be bounced or forwarded to other e-mail addresses

* Ticket can be moved to a different queue (this is helpful if
e-mails have a specific subject)

* Ticket priority

* Ticket time accounting

* Content full text search


* Creation and configuration of user accounts and groups

* Creation of standard responses

* Signature configuration per queue

* Salutation configuration per queue

* E-mail notification of administrators

* E-mail notification sent to problem reporter (by create, locked,
deleted, moved, and closed)

* Submitting update-info (via e-mail or web interface)

* Deadlines for trouble tickets

* ASP (active service providing) support

* TicketHook freely setable like 'Call#', 'MyTicket#', 'Request#' or

* Ticket number format freely setable

* Different levels of permissions and access rights

* XML layer to support different SQL databases (like MySQL,
PostgreSQL, Oracle, and DB2)

* User authentication against database or ldap directory

* Easy development of custom add-ons (OTRS API)

* Easy creation of different front-ends (for example: X Window
System, console)

* A fast and useful application

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