Python library for bugzilla

This is a python module that provides a nice, python-ish interface to Bugzilla
over XMLRPC.

It was originally written specifically for Red Hat's Bugzilla instance, but now
supports the Web Services provided by upstream Bugzilla 3.0 and 3.2 also.

It also includes a 'bugzilla' commandline client which can be used for quick,
ad-hoc bugzilla jiggery-pokery. I guess you could use it in shell scripts too,
but gosh - why not just write something in Python instead?

This package contains a set of patches enabling an access for Novell bugzilla.

Will Woods , Oct 16 2008

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
0001-Use-LWPCookieJar-by-default.patch 0000001116 1.09 KB about 11 years
0002-NovellBugzilla-implementation.patch 0000008629 8.43 KB about 11 years
0003-obfuscated-password-support.patch 0000002044 2 KB almost 11 years
python-bugzilla-0.5-recognize-novell.patch 0000000516 516 Bytes about 10 years
python-bugzilla-0.5.tar.bz2 0000035088 34.3 KB about 11 years
python-bugzilla.changes 0000000559 559 Bytes about 10 years
python-bugzilla.spec 0000002714 2.65 KB about 10 years
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