Probably the fastest and simplest image viewer on the planet

Qiv is a very small and pretty fast gdk/Imlib image viewer, designed to
view large images such as the JPEG files from today's high-megapixel

It is super-easy to use: It creates only one window, containing only
the image to view, the SPACE key views the next image, BACKSPACE the
previous, "d" moves the current image to .qiv-trash/, "u" moves it back
and removes .qiv-trash/ if empty. "f" or the -f option toggles
full-screen mode and "m" toggles between maxpect mode (rescales images
to screen size while preserving aspect ratio) and unscaled mode with
unscaled 1:1 view with panning using cursor keys.

The mouse buttons can also be used in parallel to SPACE and BACKSPACE
to quickly flip thru images.

Furhter features are: * setting image as x11 background
(centered,tiled,stretched..), with user settable background color

* external "qiv-command" program support

* screensaver mode

* brightness/contrast/gamma correction

* real transparency

* slideshow (with random order if you want)

* flip horizontal/vertical, rotate left/right

* delete function (move to .qiv-trash/)

* jump to image number x, jump forward/backward x images

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