Simple viewer for Structured Fax Files (.sff) used by ISDN applications

The CAPI interface for programming ISDN hardware expects and gives you
faxes in the "Structured Fax File" (SFF) format.

SffView is a viewer for SFF-files. SffView is written in C++ using the
wxWindows/wxGTK toolkit and is therefore available for Linux and
Windows (wxWindows is a platform independent toolkit and wxGTK is a
unix implementation based on GTK+, see wxWindows homepage).

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sffview-0.4.diff 0000001255 1.23 KB almost 14 years
sffview-0.4.tar.bz2 0000058199 56.8 KB about 14 years
sffview-gcc43.diff 0000000705 705 Bytes almost 12 years
sffview.changes 0000003455 3.37 KB about 10 years
sffview.spec 0000002251 2.2 KB almost 10 years
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