SSLv3/TLS Network Protocol Analyzer

ssldump is an SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer. It identifies TCP
connections on the chosen network interface and attempts to interpret
them as SSLv3/TLS traffic. When it identifies SSLv3/TLS traffic, it
decodes the records and outputs them in a textual form to stdout. If
provided with the appropriate keying material, it also decrypts the
connections and displays the application data traffic.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
implicit_def.patch 0000000922 922 Bytes about 14 years
random_return.patch 0000000405 405 Bytes about 14 years
ssldump-0.9b3-aes.patch 0000005743 5.61 KB about 14 years
ssldump-0.9b3-libpcap.diff 0000000197 197 Bytes about 14 years
ssldump-0.9b3-newssl.patch 0000000559 559 Bytes over 13 years
ssldump-0.9b3.tar.gz 0000137435 134 KB about 14 years
ssldump-cvs-06-19-2006.diff 0000010114 9.88 KB over 13 years
ssldump.changes 0000001724 1.68 KB over 13 years
ssldump.spec 0000003412 3.33 KB over 11 years
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