A Screen Grabber for the X Window System.

You need screenshots?

xgrab and xgrabsc are powerful tools to save screenshots in files (ps,
xpm, and more) or to print them. xgrabsc is invoked from a shell and
sends the rectangle grabbed on the screen to standard output. xgrab is
a menu-driven front-end to xgrabsc.

This program works only in PPM, XPM, and non-color PostScript formats
for display larger then 8 bits per pixel deep.

Documentation may be obtained by typing man xgrab and man xgrabsc. The
author's original comments can be found in

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
xgrabsc-2.41-gcc4.patch 0000003338 3.26 KB over 10 years
xgrabsc-2.41-implicit_decl.patch 0000001051 1.03 KB over 10 years
xgrabsc-2.41-memoryleak.patch 0000000320 320 Bytes over 10 years
xgrabsc-2.41-new_ncurses.patch 0000000233 233 Bytes over 10 years
xgrabsc-2.41-no_xrdb.patch 0000000391 391 Bytes over 10 years
xgrabsc-2.41.patch 0000020444 20 KB over 10 years
xgrabsc-2.41.tar.bz2 0000049942 48.8 KB about 13 years
xgrabsc.changes 0000004575 4.47 KB about 9 years
xgrabsc.desktop 0000000055 55 Bytes about 13 years
xgrabsc.spec 0000002910 2.84 KB about 9 years
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