A program to change the settings of an xterm

Xtermset allows you to change the characteristics of an xterm window
from the command line. Most options have the same names as those that
you would give an xterm at startup.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
xtermset-0.5.2-dash.patch 0000000264 264 Bytes about 14 years
xtermset-0.5.2-strcat.patch 0000000314 314 Bytes about 14 years
xtermset-0.5.2.dif 0000000355 355 Bytes about 14 years
xtermset-0.5.2.tar.bz2 0000040413 39.5 KB about 14 years
xtermset.changes 0000002194 2.14 KB about 14 years
xtermset.spec 0000003159 3.08 KB over 12 years
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