NetworkManager VPN support for Turnpike

NetworkManager-novellvpn provides VPN support to NetworkManager for

With NetworkManager-novellvpn, NetworkManager could configure and
connect the IPSec based VPN Server, such as Nortel's VPN Server(also
need novell-nortelplugins package).

The NetworkManager will make use of the 'nvpn' tool(turnpike) to
communicate with 'racoon'(novell-ipsec-tools) for connecting to IPSec
based VPN Server.

Source Files
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NetworkManager-novellvpn-0.9.0.r29.tar.bz2 0000311578 304 KB almost 9 years
NetworkManager-novellvpn.changes 0000011497 11.2 KB over 8 years
NetworkManager-novellvpn.spec 0000004147 4.05 KB over 8 years
gnome-mime-application-x-novellvpn-settings.png 0000004456 4.35 KB about 13 years
nm-novellvpn-desktop.patch 0000000731 731 Bytes almost 9 years
nm-novellvpn-glib2_31.patch 0000000447 447 Bytes over 8 years
nm-novellvpn-toplevel.patch 0000000512 512 Bytes over 8 years
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