Preset-based transcoder for the GNOME Desktop

Arista is a simple preset-based transcoder for the GNOME Desktop and a
small script for terminal-based transcoding. Settings are chosen based
on output device and quality preset.

* Presets for Android, iPod, computer, DVD player, PSP, and more
* Live preview to see encoded quality
* Automatically discover available DVD drives and media
* Rip straight from DVD media easily
* Automatically discover and record from Video4Linux devices
* Support for H.264, WebM, FLV, Ogg, DivX and more
* Batch processing of entire directories easily
* Simple terminal client for scripting
* Nautilus extension for right-click file conversion

Source Files
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arista-0.9.7.tar.bz2 0000290380 284 KB almost 9 years
arista-add-missing-man-pages.patch 0000005785 5.65 KB almost 9 years
arista-remove-shebangs.patch 0000002740 2.68 KB over 9 years
arista.changes 0000004080 3.98 KB over 8 years
arista.spec 0000004907 4.79 KB over 8 years
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