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SWT Library for GTK+-2.0

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Eclipse SWT Library for GTK+-2.0.

SWT is the software component that delivers native widget functionality for the Eclipse platform in an operating system independent manner. It is analogous to AWT/Swing in Java with a difference - SWT uses a rich set of native widgets.

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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
build.xml 0000000460 460 Bytes
eclipse-swt.changes 0000001752 1.71 KB
eclipse-swt.spec 0000005367 5.24 KB
libswt-3.735.tar.bz2 0001076486 1.03 MB
libswt-build.patch 0000000633 633 Bytes
libswt-includes.patch 0000000426 426 Bytes
libswt-optflags.patch 0000003790 3.7 KB
libswt-version.patch 0000001582 1.54 KB
org.eclipse.swt-3.7.0.tar.bz2 0003871140 3.69 MB
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