FUSE module to mount CD-ROM images with ISO9660 filesystems in them

Fuseiso is a FUSE filesystem module which allows to mount many ISO9660
filesystem images (for CD-ROMs) as a non-root user using fuse.

It supports plain ISO9660 Level 1 and 2, with Rock Ridge, Joliet and
zisofs extensions and also supports the CD-ROM image types img, bin,
mdf and nrg.

Source Files
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fuseiso-20061017.patch 0000000261 261 Bytes over 12 years
fuseiso-20070708.tar.bz2 0000239960 234 KB about 11 years
fuseiso.changes 0000002986 2.92 KB about 7 years
fuseiso.spec 0000001814 1.77 KB about 7 years
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