Ken Lunde's Japanese Code Manipulation Tools

This is Ken Lunde's suite of Japanese and CJKV code manipulation tools.
It consists of:

- (a cross-locale CJKV code converter)

- jconv, a general-purpose Japanese code conversion tool (JIS,
Shift-JIS, EUC)

- jcode, a Japanese code inspection tool (JIS, Shift-JIS, EUC) that
reads the input file and creates an output file containing all of
the characters within the input file along with their electronic
codes in octal, decimal, or hexadecimal notation (the default, if
none specified, is hexadecimal)

- jchar, a generator for various Japanese character sets (JIS,
Shift-JIS, EUC)

- jgrep, a simplified GREP-like utility that recognizes two-byte
character sequences in Japanese Shift-JIS or EUC code

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