Typical installation tasks for system administrators

Have you ever wished for your installation shell scripts to run
reproducably, without much programming fuzz, and even with optional logging
enabled? Then give up shell programming, use Perl.

'Sysadm::Install' executes shell-like commands performing typical
installation tasks: Copying files, extracting tarballs, calling 'make'. It
has a 'fail once and die' policy, meticulously checking the result of every
operation and calling 'die()' immeditatly if anything fails.

'Sysadm::Install' also supports a _dry_run_ mode, in which it logs
everything, but suppresses any write actions. Dry run mode is enabled by
calling 'Sysadm::Install::dry_run(1)'. To switch back to normal, call

As of version 0.17, 'Sysadm::Install' supports a _confirm_ mode, in which
it interactively asks the user before running any of its functions (just
like 'rm -i'). _confirm_ mode is enabled by calling
'Sysadm::Install::confirm(1)'. To switch back to normal, call

'Sysadm::Install' is fully Log4perl-enabled. To start logging, just
initialize 'Log::Log4perl'. 'Sysadm::Install' acts as a wrapper class,
meaning that file names and line numbers are reported from the calling
program's point of view.

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