GEdit plugin to use GEdit as a lightweight IDE for Vala

Valencia is a gedit plugin that turns gedit into a lightweight IDE for Vala.
Using Valencia, you can easily browse between symbols in a Vala program. You
can build a Vala program inside gedit and can easily jump to lines with
build errors. You can also get tooltips for methods and get autocompletion
suggestions by invoking autocomplete in the appropriate context.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
valencia-0.3.0.tar.bz2 0000051605 50.4 KB about 9 years
valencia-fix-build.patch 0000001709 1.67 KB almost 9 years
valencia-gedit3.patch 0000152665 149 KB about 8 years
valencia-vala-0.16.patch 0000068373 66.8 KB over 7 years
valencia.changes 0000002503 2.44 KB over 7 years
valencia.spec 0000004741 4.63 KB over 7 years
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