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A Powerful Graphics Conversion Package

The latest version of the Portable Bitmap Plus Utilities. This large
package, which is by now available for all hardware platforms, provides
tools for graphics conversion. Using these tools, images can be
converted from virtually any format into any other format. A few of the
supported formats include: GIF, PC-Paintbrush, IFF ILBM, Gould Scanner
file, MTV ray tracer, Atari Degas .pi1 and .pi3, Macintosh PICT, HP
Paintjet file, QRT raytracer, AUTOCAD slide, Atari Spectrum (compressed
and uncompressed), Andrew Toolkit raster object, and many more. On top
of that, man pages are included for all tools.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000012 12 Bytes over 9 years
netpbm-10.63.1-documentation.tar.bz2 0000588544 575 KB over 8 years
netpbm-10.63.1-nohpcdtoppm-noppmtompeg.tar.bz2 0001775048 1.69 MB over 8 years
netpbm-make.patch 0000001795 1.75 KB over 9 years
netpbm-missing-file-close.patch 0000000249 249 Bytes almost 11 years
netpbm-no-build-date.patch 0000000504 504 Bytes over 11 years
netpbm-security-code.patch 0000065910 64.4 KB over 8 years
netpbm-security-scripts.patch 0000015820 15.4 KB over 8 years
netpbm-stdbool-after-jasper.patch 0000001286 1.26 KB over 8 years
netpbm-tmpfile.patch 0000001737 1.7 KB over 8 years
netpbm.changes 0000023517 23 KB over 8 years
netpbm.spec 0000005904 5.77 KB over 8 years
prepare-src-tarball 0000000961 961 Bytes over 9 years
wordaccess-include-be.patch 0000000558 558 Bytes over 8 years
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