A Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development

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Prima is an extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development.
The toolkit contains a rich set of standard widgets and has emphasis on
2D image processing tasks. A Perl program using PRIMA looks and behaves
identically on X, Win32 and OS/2. The toolkit includes VB, a visual
builder and a graphic POD viewer.

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Prima-1.37.tar.gz 0001375708 1.31 MB
Prima-GenericEvent.patch 0000000343 343 Bytes
Prima.pdf.bz2 0001647013 1.57 MB
VB-decent.diff 0000000278 278 Bytes
VB_classes-decent.gif 0000007552 7.38 KB
gcc-warnings.patch 0000000305 305 Bytes
perl-Prima.changes 0000005120 5 KB
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