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Cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots

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PLplot is a library of functions that are useful for making scientific

PLplot can be used from within compiled languages such as C, C++,
FORTRAN and Java, and interactively from interpreted languages such as
Octave, Python, Perl and Tcl.

The PLplot library can be used to create standard x-y plots, semilog
plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D surface plots, mesh plots, bar
charts and pie charts. Multiple graphs (of the same or different sizes)
may be placed on a single page with multiple lines in each graph.

A variety of output file devices such as Postscript, png, jpeg, LaTeX
and others, as well as interactive devices such as xwin, tk, xterm and
Tektronics devices are supported. New devices can be easily added by
writing a small number of device dependent routines.

There are almost 2000 characters in the extended character set. This
includes four different fonts, the Greek alphabet and a host of
mathematical, musical, and other symbols. Some devices supports its own
way of dealing with text, such as the Postscript and LaTeX drivers, or
the png and jpeg drivers that uses the Freetype library.

This package provides the shared libraries for PLplot.

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