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KIMToy is an input method frontend for KDE. It is an alternative to kimpanel plasmoid. KIMToy uses the same dbus ipc specification as kimpanel, say org.kde.impanel, so where kimpanel works, where KIMToy works.

KIMToy is a standalone application, has no dependence on plasma, so it won't make your whole desktop unstable.

KIMToy aims to provide a stable and intergrated frontend for Asian input method, such as fcitx, scim and ibus.

KIMToy makes easy for fcitx/ibus/scim users. These three input method should work out of box since KIMToy-0.2.

KIMToy is able to load sogou input method theme since KIMToy-0.4.

supported input methods
ibus >= 1.3.0
fcitx >= 4.0
scim >= 1.4.9

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