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We have always monitored RAM usage on all of boxes. Sure, there's the argument
that unused RAM is money wasted, but I always like to know not just when the
box is swapping, but when it's about to start swapping. There have been a few
plugins over the years that I've used for this - check_ram for Solaris,
check_mem for Linux, and there's also

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nagios-plugins-mem-add_php_to_pnp4nagios_template.patch 0000000532 532 Bytes over 10 years
nagios-plugins-mem-apparmor 0000000249 249 Bytes about 10 years
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nagios-plugins-mem.changes 0000001453 1.42 KB about 10 years
nagios-plugins-mem.spec 0000002980 2.91 KB about 10 years
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