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Though we recommend that people generally use the Moose manpage, we accept
that Moose cannot yet be used for everything everywhere. People generally
like the Moose sugar, so many people use the Mouse manpage, a lightweight
replacement for parts of Moose.

Because Mouse strives for compatibility with Moose, it's easy to substitute
one for the other. This module facilitates that substitution. By default,
Mouse will be provided to libraries, unless Moose is already loaded -or-
explicitly requested by the end-user. The end-user can force the decision
of which backend to use by setting the environment variable 'ANY_MOOSE' to
be 'Moose' or 'Mouse'.

Note that the decision of which backend to use is made only once, so that
if Any-Moose picks Mouse, then a third-party library loads Moose, anything
else that uses Any-Moose will continue to pick Mouse.

So, if you have to use the Mouse manpage, please be considerate to the
Moose fanboys (like myself!) and use the Any-Moose manpage instead. ':)'

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