Python bindings for PAM

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This release supports the core PAM API. There is still some missing
functionality, but it should implement enough of the API for most
needs. There is not much in the way of documentation at this point. If
you are familiar with the PAM API, a quick glance at the sample program
should get you going.

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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
PyPAM-0.5.0-conv-borrowed.patch 0000000231 231 Bytes
PyPAM-0.5.0-dealloc.patch 0000000259 259 Bytes
PyPAM-0.5.0-dl.patch 0000000734 734 Bytes
PyPAM-0.5.0-gnu99.patch 0000000264 264 Bytes
PyPAM-0.5.0-nofree.patch 0000001514 1.48 KB
PyPAM-0.5.0-setitem.patch 0000001061 1.04 KB
PyPAM-0.5.0.tar.bz2 0000015515 15.2 KB
python-pam.changes 0000002607 2.55 KB
python-pam.spec 0000002596 2.54 KB
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