Interface Builder for Tcl/Tk and Java

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An interface builder for Tcl/Tk and Java.

Main Features of SpecTcl: * Easy to Learn:SpecTcl's drag & drop
interface along with a powerful toolbar and on-line help that
make it easy to start building GUI applications.

* Tcl and Java Support: SpecTcl generates both Tcl and Java code.
Note: this generates code for the old JDK 1.0

* Platform Independent: SpecTcl runs on all major platforms:
Solaris, SunOS, Linux, Windows 95, Windows NT, MacOS, and Irix.

* Constraint Based Geometry Manager: Alignment and resizing of widgets
(buttons, check boxes, and more.) is automatic. This makes creating
dynamic UIs and cross platform UIs a snap!

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