Daemon to Associate udisks events to actions like automounting

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udisks-glue is a tool that can associate udisks events to user-defined
actions. In that sense, udisks-glue is almost "glue code"[1], hence the name.

udisks (formely known as DeviceKit-disks) is an abstraction layer on top of
the Linux disks subsystems that, in conjunction with the other DeviceKit
subprojects, aims to be a replacement for the now almost defunct HAL project.

Like most other recent Linux desktop frameworks, udisks exposes its API via
DBus to its clients (often desktop environments). Users wishing to have more
control about what happens when specific disk-related events often have to use
a tool like halevt[2] or ivmon[3], which work on top of HAL. Now that HAL is
no longer being actively developed and most distributions are considering
dropping support for it, those users will have to migrate to a new tool, and
udisks-glue might as well fill that gap.

udisks-glue should eventually offer the most useful features found in the
aforementioned projects. As of now, however, only the most basic functionality
is available (mounting and unmounting removable media). Contributions are

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