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A Qt-only fork of Kross

Kross is the new scripting framework for KDE SC 4, the latest version of the KDE SC. Originally Kross was designed for use in KOffice but eventually became the official scripting framework in KDE SC 4. Kross is designed to provide full scripting power for users of KDE applications, with a language of their own choice; and make it easy for developers targeting the KDE platform to enable their application with support for multiple scripting languages (without themselves needing to be proficient in any of them).

The Kross scripting framework is not a scripting language itself. It merely serves to plug into KDE the support for other, already existing scripting languages.

Source Files
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Qross-0.3.1.tar.xz 0000113072 110 KB about 7 years
Qross.changes 0000000541 541 Bytes about 7 years
Qross.spec 0000002946 2.88 KB about 7 years
Qrosspython-cmake3.patch 0000000569 569 Bytes almost 7 years
Qrosspython.changes 0000000625 625 Bytes almost 7 years
Qrosspython.spec 0000002899 2.83 KB almost 7 years
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