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Real-Time Audio Spectral Visualization

FreqTweak is a tool for real-time audio spectral manipulation and
display. It provides several algorithms for processing audio data in
the frequency domain and a highly interactive GUI to manipulate the
associated filters for each algorithm. It also provides high-resolution
spectral displays in the form of scrolling-raster spectrograms and
energy versus frequency plots displaying both preprocessed and
post-processed spectra.

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freqtweak-0.6.1-gcc4.patch 0000001726 1.69 KB over 11 years
freqtweak-0.6.1-wrong-var-ref.diff 0000000448 448 Bytes over 11 years
freqtweak-0.7.2.tar.bz2 0000200950 196 KB over 11 years
freqtweak-delete-array-fix.diff 0000000270 270 Bytes over 11 years
freqtweak-gcc43-fixes.diff 0000000681 681 Bytes over 11 years
freqtweak.changes 0000004372 4.27 KB over 9 years
freqtweak.desktop 0000000137 137 Bytes over 14 years
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freqtweak.spec 0000002914 2.85 KB over 9 years
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