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Molecular Dynamics Package

GROMACS is a versatile and extremely well optimized package to perform
molecular dynamics computer simulations and subsequent trajectory
analysis. It is developed for biomolecules like proteins, but the
extremely high performance means it is used also in several other field
like polymer chemistry and solid state physics. This version has the
dynamic libs and executables; to hack new utility programs you also
need the headers and static libs in gromacs-dev. Linux kernel 2.4 or
later is STRONGLY recommended on Pentium III and later processors since
GROMACS then can use assembly loops with SSE instructions.

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gromacs-5.0.1.tar.gz 0026339530 25.1 MB over 6 years
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gromacs.spec 0000006789 6.63 KB over 6 years
manual-5.0.1.pdf 0012001186 11.4 MB over 6 years
regressiontests-5.0.1.tar.gz 0061643316 58.8 MB over 6 years
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