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Warns and dies noisily with stack backtraces

This module is meant as a debugging aid. It can be used to make a script
complain loudly with stack backtraces when warn()ing or die()ing.

Here are how stack backtraces produced by this module looks:

# it works for explicit die's and warn's
$ perl -MCarp::Always -e 'sub f { die "arghh" }; sub g { f }; g'
arghh at -e line 1
main::f() called at -e line 1
main::g() called at -e line 1

# it works for interpreter-thrown failures
$ perl -MCarp::Always -w -e 'sub f { $a = shift; @a = @$a };' \
-e 'sub g { f(undef) }; g'
Use of uninitialized value in array dereference at -e line 1
main::f('undef') called at -e line 2
main::g() called at -e line 2

In the implementation, the 'Carp' module does the heavy work, through
'longmess()'. The actual implementation sets the signal hooks
'$SIG{__WARN__}' and '$SIG{__DIE__}' to emit the stack backtraces.

Oh, by the way, 'carp' and 'croak' when requiring/using the 'Carp' module
are also made verbose, behaving like 'cloak' and 'confess', respectively.

Nothing at all is exported.

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