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Some cockroaches on your root window

Xroach displays disgusting cockroaches on your root window. These
creepy crawlies scamper around until they find a window to hide under.
Whenever you move or iconify a window, the exposed orthopteras again
scamper for cover.

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README.SuSE 0000000120 120 Bytes about 14 years
toon_root.c 0000015611 15.2 KB about 14 years
xroach-return.dif 0000000244 244 Bytes about 14 years
xroach.changes 0000002091 2.04 KB about 9 years
xroach.dif 0000006622 6.47 KB about 14 years
xroach.spec 0000002232 2.18 KB about 9 years
xroach.tar.bz2 0000019243 18.8 KB about 14 years
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