Class Library for Numbers (C++)

CLN features a rich set of number classes: integer (unlimited
precision), rational, short float, single float, double float, long
float (unlimited precision), complex, modular integer, and univariate
polynomial. It implements elementary, logical, and transcendental
functions. C++ as the implementation language brings efficiency, type
safety, and algebraic syntax. Memory efficiency: small integers and
short floats are immediate, not heap allocated. Automatic,
noninterruptive garbage collection. Speed efficiency: assembly
language kernel for some CPUs, Karatsuba and Schoenhage-Strassen
multiplication. Interoperability: garbage collection with no burden on
the main application, hooks for memory allocation and exceptions.

The following C++ features are used: classes, member functions,
overloading of functions and operators, constructors and destructors,
inline, const, multiple inheritance, templates, and namespaces. The
following C++ features are not used: new, delete, virtual inheritance,
and exceptions.

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