A tool for static C/C++ code analysis


This program tries to detect bugs that your C/C++ compiler don't see. Cppcheck is versatile. You can check non-standard code that includes various compiler extensions, inline assembly code, etc. Checking covers for example these errors:

* Out of bounds
* Uninitialized member variable 'classname::varname'
* Using 'memfunc' on class
* Using 'memfunc' on struct that contains a 'std::classname'
* Class Base which is inherited by class Derived does not have a virtual destructor
* Memory leak: varname
* Resource leak: varname
* Deallocating a deallocated pointer: varname
* Using 'varname' after it is deallocated / released
* Invalid radix in call to strtol or strtoul. Must be 0 or 2-36
* Overlapping data buffer varname
* Unsigned division. The result will be wrong.
* Unusual pointer arithmetic

See http://cppcheck.wiki.sourceforge.net/ for more details.

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