CLAT / SIIT-DC Edge Relay implementation for Linux

clatd implements the CLAT component of the 464XLAT network architecture
specified in RFC 6877. It allows an IPv6-only host to have IPv4
connectivity that is translated to IPv6 before being routed to an upstream
PLAT (which is typically a Stateful NAT64 operated by the ISP) and there
translated back to IPv4 before being routed to the IPv4 internet.

Source Files
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0001-nm-dispatcher-only-act-on-iface-up-down-events.patch 0000001207 1.18 KB almost 2 years
0002-Update-siit-dc-eam-I-D-references-to-RFC-numbers.patch 0000003681 3.59 KB almost 2 years
clatd-1.4.tar.gz 0000018451 18 KB almost 2 years
clatd.changes 0000000145 145 Bytes almost 2 years
clatd.conf 0000000068 68 Bytes almost 2 years
clatd.spec 0000003103 3.03 KB almost 2 years
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