Security assessment and troubleshooting tool for the IPv6 protocols

The SI6 Networks' IPv6 toolkit is a set of IPv6 security and
trouble-shooting tools, that can send arbitrary IPv6-based

List of tools:
* addr6: An IPv6 address analysis and manipulation tool.
* flow6: A tool to perform a security asseessment of the IPv6 Flow
* frag6: A tool to perform IPv6 fragmentation-based attacks and to
perform a security assessment of a number of fragmentation-related
* icmp6: A tool to perform attacks based on ICMPv6 error messages.
* jumbo6: A tool to assess potential flaws in the handling of IPv6
* na6: A tool to send arbitrary Neighbor Advertisement messages.
* ni6: A tool to send arbitrary ICMPv6 Node Information messages,
and assess possible flaws in the processing of such packets.
* ns6: A tool to send arbitrary Neighbor Solicitation messages.
* ra6: A tool to send arbitrary Router Advertisement messages.
* rd6: A tool to send arbitrary ICMPv6 Redirect messages.
* rs6: A tool to send arbitrary Router Solicitation messages.
* scan6: An IPv6 address scanning tool.
* tcp6: A tool to send arbitrary TCP segments and perform a variety
of TCP-based attacks.

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