Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon

Lsyncd (Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon) uses rsync to synchronize local directories with a remote machine running rsyncd. It watches multiple directory trees through inotify. The first step after adding the watches is to rsync all directories with the remote host, and then the software synchronizes single files by collecting the inotify events. lsyncd is a lightweight live mirror solution that should be easy to install and use while blending well with your system.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
lsyncd-2.1.5.tar.gz 0000149873 146 KB almost 6 years
lsyncd-init.d 0000002148 2.1 KB almost 6 years
lsyncd-lua-5_3.patch 0000000806 806 Bytes over 5 years
lsyncd.changes 0000006581 6.43 KB over 2 years
lsyncd.conf 0000000340 340 Bytes about 9 years
lsyncd.logrotate 0000000063 63 Bytes almost 6 years
lsyncd.service 0000000277 277 Bytes about 3 years
lsyncd.spec 0000004169 4.07 KB about 3 years
lsyncd.sysconfig 0000000226 226 Bytes over 2 years 0000000064 64 Bytes about 9 years
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