Classic snake game on the terminal

nsnake is a clone of the classic snake game that we all used to play on our
cellphones. You play this game on the terminal, with textual interface.

Here are some features:

- Customizable gameplay, appearance and keybindings
- Neat GUI-like interface with nice animations
- Lots of possible game modes, with scores saved for eac

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
nsnake-3.0.1-ESCDELAY.patch 0000000494 494 Bytes almost 4 years
nsnake-3.0.1.tar.gz 0000091658 89.5 KB almost 2 years
nsnake.changes 0000000906 906 Bytes almost 2 years
nsnake.spec 0000002052 2 KB almost 2 years
reproducible.patch 0000001242 1.21 KB almost 2 years
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