Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser

XML::SAX::ExpatXS is a direct XS extension to Expat XML parser. It implements
Perl SAX 2.1 interface. See for
Perl SAX API description. Any deviations from the Perl SAX 2.1 specification
are considered as bugs.

Author: Matt Sergeant

Maintained by: Petr Cimprich

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
XML-SAX-ExpatXS-1.31-obs.patch 0000000635 635 Bytes about 12 years
XML-SAX-ExpatXS-1.33.tar.gz 0000156436 153 KB over 6 years
perl-XML-SAX-ExpatXS.changes 0000001876 1.83 KB over 6 years
perl-XML-SAX-ExpatXS.spec 0000003403 3.32 KB over 6 years
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