Quick Emacs is a very small but powerful editor

Full screen editor with an Emacs look and feel with all Emacs common
features: multi-buffer, multi-window, command mode, universal argument,
keyboard macros, config file with C like syntax, minibuffer with
completion and history.

Full UTF8 support, including bidirectional editing respecting the
Unicode bidi algorithm. Arabic and Indic scripts handling (in

WYSIWYG HTML/XML/CSS2 mode graphical editing. Also supports lynx like
rendering on VT100 terminals.

WYSIWYG DocBook mode based on XML/CSS2 renderer.

C mode: coloring with immediate update. Emacs like auto-indent.

Shell mode: colorized VT100 emulation so that your shell work exactly
as you expect. Compile mode with next/prev error.

Input methods for most languages, including Chinese (input methods come
from the Yudit editor).

Hexadecimal editing mode with insertion and block commands. Unicode
hexa editing of UTF8 files also supported.

X11 support. Support multiple proportional fonts at the same time (as
XEmacs). X Input methods supported. Xft extension supported for anti
aliased font display.

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