An arbitrary-precision CRC calculator and algorithm finder

CRC RevEng is a portable, arbitrary-precision CRC calculator and
algorithm finder. It calculates CRCs using any of the 72 preset
algorithms, or a user-specified algorithm to any width. It calculates
reversed CRCs to give the bit pattern that produces a desired forward
CRC. CRC RevEng also reverse-engineers any CRC algorithm from
sufficient correctly formatted message-CRC pairs and optional known
parameters. It comprises powerful input interpretation options.
Compliant with Ross Williams' Rocksoft(tm) model of parametrised CRC

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reveng-1.6.2.tar.xz 0000286236 280 KB over 1 year
reveng-dont-strip.patch 0000000285 285 Bytes almost 2 years
reveng-obey-cflags.patch 0000000323 323 Bytes almost 2 years
reveng-presets_i386.patch 0000000293 293 Bytes almost 2 years
reveng-presets_x86_64.patch 0000000671 671 Bytes almost 2 years
reveng.changes 0000004082 3.99 KB over 1 year
reveng.spec 0000002317 2.26 KB over 1 year
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