TCP Redirection Server

rinetd redirects TCP connections from one IP address and port to
another address and port. rinetd is a single-process server which
handles any number of connections to the address or port pairs
specified in the file /etc/rinetd.conf. Because rinetd runs as a single
process using nonblocking I/O, it is able to redirect a large number of
connections without a severe impact on the machine. This makes it
practical to run TCP services on machines inside an IP masquerading

Note: rinetd can not redirect FTP because FTP requires more than one

Source Files
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logrotate.rinetd 0000000141 141 Bytes almost 14 years
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rinetd-0.62.tar.bz2 0000022741 22.2 KB about 11 years
rinetd-conf.patch 0000002859 2.79 KB about 11 years
rinetd-doc.patch 0000005834 5.7 KB about 11 years
rinetd-syslog.patch 0000021489 21 KB about 10 years
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