VNC Development Library

VNC is a set of programs using the RFB (Remote Frame Buffer) protocol.
They are designed to "export" a frame buffer via the network. It is
already in wide use for administration, but it is not that easy to
program a server yourself. This has been changed by LibVNCServer. already has a virtual Xvnc server which you can start as an own
screen (e.g. :1) and connect to with a VNC client (e.g. vncviewer from
tightvnc). The x11vnc binary (that allows you to export the window of a
real running X11 server) has been split off into its own package on

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
LibVNCServer-0.9.1.tar.bz2 0000762338 744 KB about 13 years
LibVNCServer-LINUX.diff 0000000583 583 Bytes about 13 years
LibVNCServer.changes 0000003523 3.44 KB almost 12 years
LibVNCServer.spec 0000006144 6 KB almost 12 years
dont-build-x11vnc 0000000640 640 Bytes about 13 years
filetransfer-overflow.diff 0000000721 721 Bytes about 13 years
fix-warn.diff 0000000532 532 Bytes almost 12 years
patch-libvnc-0215.l 0000000709 709 Bytes about 13 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes over 13 years
redef-keysym 0000006715 6.56 KB over 13 years
stack-check 0000000853 853 Bytes about 13 years
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