QLandkarte - Garmin GPS Map, Route, Waypoint and Tracking Tool

Garmin's MapSource software is hardly the only reason for me to boot
into Windows and it does not look like Garmin ever wants to address
Linux users by writing a portable piece of software. So I started to
help myself. I found several tools like GPSBabel or sendmap to handle
data for my GPS receiver but no tool to visualize and manage this data
in a decent way. On my quest I found a specification of the used IMG
format for maps at Sourceforge. After some reading and toying around I
considered this specification good enough to start a GUI project to
visualize such files. QLandkarte is the result of this effort.
Including additional patches by fseidel@suse.de which are upstream and
tested but not yet released elsewhere.

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QLandkarte-0.7.3.tar.bz2 0001925998 1.84 MB about 12 years
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QLandkarte.spec 0000004351 4.25 KB about 12 years
adapt_desktopfile.patch 0000000559 559 Bytes over 12 years
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