A Best-Effort Text Printer (Works in UTF-8 and Can Replace a2ps)

Cedilla is a "best-effort" text printer that uses Unicode internally.

Using Unicode means that the set of characters that can appear in the
input is very large and the user may very well have no font available
that contains glyphs for the characters that the user wants to print.
Cedilla attempts to at least partially solve this problem using a
number of techniques:

1. 1. Cedilla can use an arbitrary number of downloadable fonts. For
any given print job, only the necessary fonts are downloaded.

1. 2. Cedilla uses its own built-in font, which contains a number of
useful glyphs that are missing from standard fonts.

1. 3. Cedilla modifies existing glyphs in order to, for example, remove
dots or add bars.

1. 4. Cedilla attempts to build composite glyphs (for accented
characters, for example) on the fly.

1. 5. Cedilla uses fallbacks for characters that are not supported by the
available fonts.

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