Userspace Encrypted File System

EncFS provides an encrypted file system, layered on top of a normal
directory tree and encrypts individual files which are stored in the
hosting directory tree.

This has several advantages over the loopback encryption which
provided by the Linux kernel: - No space is and has to be
reserved, encrypted files only take the space that they really

- Backups: encrypted files can be individually backed-up on the host

- Layering: Since it's hosted on a normal filesystem, encfs can be
used on filesystems which normally have no support encryption,
like NFS or other userspace filesystems.

EncFS is implemented as a userspace filesystem in an unprivileged
application using fuse (FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace)).

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
encfs-1.5.0.tar.bz2 0000660358 645 KB almost 12 years
encfs-new-iv-initialization.patch 0000004340 4.24 KB almost 10 years
encfs.changes 0000003531 3.45 KB almost 10 years
encfs.spec 0000002998 2.93 KB almost 10 years
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