An FLTK-Based Basic Image Management and Display Program

flPhoto organizes image files into albums that can be printed, viewed
as a slide show, and exported to Web pages. Images can be imported
individually, by directory, or from digital cameras using the gPhoto
library. flPhoto can read, write, and display
digital camera EXIF information and supports BMP, CRW, JPEG, PhotoCD,
PNG, and TIFF image files. Image files can be cropped, rotated, scaled,
and adjusted via a number of simple filters.

Source Files
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flphoto-1.1rc3-locale.patch 0000000573 573 Bytes over 13 years
flphoto-1.3.1-maxinum.patch 0000001506 1.47 KB over 13 years
flphoto-1.3.1-proto.patch 0000000244 244 Bytes about 12 years
flphoto-1.3.1-source.tar.bz2 0000746599 729 KB over 13 years
flphoto-configure.patch 0000000211 211 Bytes over 13 years
flphoto.changes 0000003598 3.51 KB about 12 years
flphoto.spec 0000004094 4 KB about 12 years
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