Gobby collaborative editor

Gobby is a free collaborative editor. This means that it provides you
with the possibility to edit files simultaneously with other users over
a network. It supports multiple documents in one session and a
multi-user chat. The platforms on which you could use Gobby are so far
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other Unix-like ones.

Source Files
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gobby-0.4.4-gcc-43.patch 0000001060 1.04 KB almost 13 years
gobby-0.4.7.tar.bz2 0000339786 332 KB about 12 years
gobby-desktop.patch 0000000652 652 Bytes about 12 years
gobby.changes 0000004409 4.31 KB about 12 years
gobby.spec 0000005528 5.4 KB about 12 years
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