A Library for Posting Electronic Mail

libESMTP is a library to manage posting (or submission of) electronic
mail using SMTP to a preconfigured Mail Transport Agent (MTA) such as
Exim. It may be used as part of a Mail User Agent (MUA) or another
program that must be able to post electronic mail but where mail
functionality is not that program's primary purpose.

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libesmtp-1.0.4-bloat.patch 0000000413 413 Bytes almost 13 years
libesmtp-1.0.4-multiple-cc.patch 0000002204 2.15 KB about 12 years
libesmtp-1.0.4.tar.bz2 0000351917 344 KB almost 14 years
libesmtp-commonname.diff 0000004900 4.79 KB over 10 years
libesmtp-removedecls.diff 0000000250 250 Bytes almost 14 years
libesmtp.changes 0000002198 2.15 KB over 10 years
libesmtp.spec 0000003080 3.01 KB over 10 years
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