A Fast Window Manager for the GNOME 2.x Desktop

Metacity is a fast window manager for the GNOME 2.x Desktop. It can be
seen as an alternative to Sawfish. Many users prefer Metacity because
it integrates well with the GNOME 2.x Desktop.

Source Files
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metacity-2.24.0.tar.bz2 0002160557 2.06 MB almost 12 years
metacity-bnc385553-buggy-intel-xinerama.diff 0000003504 3.42 KB over 12 years
metacity-ping-timeout.patch 0000000525 525 Bytes over 12 years
metacity.changes 0000023052 22.5 KB almost 12 years
metacity.spec 0000019075 18.6 KB almost 12 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes over 13 years
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