Boot a Diskless PC Using a TCP/IP Based Ethernet Network


- Booting a diskless client either from an EPROM or from a floppy
without additional utility tools

- The Bootrom code can use many standard DOS packet drivers and
therefore supports almost any PC network card

- Easy configuration of the bootrom under UNIX

- The bootrom can load a BOOTP vendor extension file to support more
space for tags according to RFC 1533

- Using the bootrom menu support, it is possible to optionally boot
different operating systems

- Even if there is a hard disk installed in the client computer,
bootrom can be used as a boot manager, because it also allows
booting from any partition

- Cross-gateway booting

- Bootrom runs on any 80x86 processor but is optimized for the 386+

- Able to boot different operating systems--Linux and MS-DOS (and
clones) are currently supported

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
netboot-0.10.2.tar.bz2 0001164421 1.11 MB about 13 years
netboot-0.10.2_nostrip.patch 0000000503 503 Bytes about 13 years
netboot-0.10_cflags.patch 0000000307 307 Bytes over 13 years
netboot.changes 0000002986 2.92 KB about 13 years
netboot.spec 0000006866 6.71 KB about 13 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes over 13 years
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